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Rainbow Sherbet

Rainbow Sherbet

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Lemon Raspberry Orange Layered Cookie Jar

Smooth and sweet like a summer day! The Rainbow Sherbet Cookie Jar is an amazing mix of layers of zesty lemon, tart raspberry, and refreshing orange. Scoop it out and get ready for a flavor-filled surprise with every bite!

Sherbet dough made of a blend of lemon curd yogurt chip blondie, lemon kit kats and lemon oreos, swirled with an orange cream dream bar, and white chocolate raspberry vanilla cake layered with, vanilla buttercream and topped with yogurt chips.

About Our Cookies

Our stuffed cookies (AKA "Dudes") are handmade in Lafayette, Louisiana by the Dude, Matt Jude, himself with the highest quality of ingredients. Wether you're reaching for one or a dozen, these cookies will bring a smile for any celebration, gift or a chill night in! 

Our cookies are soft baked with a slight crunch to the outside and a gooey, stuffed center. Each cookie is carefully sealed individually for freshness. Enjoy them at room temperature, warm them in the air fryer or microwave for an out-of-oven experience or freeze them for a later date. Our 'Dude' cookies weigh between 4-5 oz & our 'Lil Dude" cookies weigh 2oz.


All cookies/bars & jars/edible dough are made in the same kitchen that holds and processes: Peanuts, Tree-nuts & Dairy Product. Cross Contamination is always possible. 

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