about the dude

Dude, are you looking for killer cookies?? Look no further, Matt Jude THE cookie dude has got you covered!

Now that I've got you hooked, let me tell you about myself!

My name is Matt Jude (不不 if you couldn't tell). I'm from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, shout out to all my local lovers!!Baker by night, Cardiac Nurse Practitioner by day! I can assure you these cookies are good for your health and happiness

You may be wondering why I started baking, well here ya go - I learned how to bake from my maternal grandmother. When I was younger I had a seizure disorder and she watched me for my parents. During this time she taught me how to cook and bake. Thanks Granny

I am an artistic individual and after closing my family's photography business I needed a creative outlet so I decoded making cookies and selling locally in October of 2021, and I plan on doing this for as long as I can because I love creating!

Aside from being a creative outlet for me I love making people happy. The best part of this business is seeing repeat customers in Love with Cookies

I know I have a LARGE menu but MY favorite cookie is Red Velvet, and my customer's favorite are: Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Chip.

If you haven't tried my cookies, (1) YOU SHOULD, and (2) they're real THICCCK, GOOOEY, simple and, Duh-Li-Shush!When you bite into these Dudes you should expect a flavor explosion of fun in your mouth

If you have any other questions hit me up on Instagram!! @mattjude_thecookiedude